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The Heal Scar Balm's formula while very nourishing to all skin types, it is dedicated to the acne healing phase when the blemishes have been resolved and now the scarring process has began. Infused with Comfrey leaves and roots, Calendula, Gotu Kola and St. John's Wort, this balm will aid in the mending of the skin as seamless as possible due to the dense amount of allantoin that is offered by comfrey supported by the botanical line up. Consistency is key during this phase. It is recommended to use the Heal Scar Balm at least twice daily and avoid make up and most importantly avoid sun exposure to the scar site. It can be used for other types of scars as well.

Grapessed oil is light and higher in linoleic fatty acids making this balm safe for acne prone skin.

Pracaxi, Açai and Tamanu are highly skin regenerative oils.

Rosehip seed oil aids on the seamlessness of skin tone.

Blue Chamomile helps with inflammation.

Helichrysum has profound positive effects on damaged tissue.

Carrot Seed essential oil is high in carotol which is well-suited to addressing imbalances in the skin helping the skin stay healthy during the scar healing phase. 

Ingredients:  grapessed oil*, pracaxi oil*, rosehip oil*, açai* oil*, cupuaçu butter,  bacuri** oil, beeswax, tamanu oil*, comfrey root*, comfrey leaf*, scullcap*, calendula*, gotu kola*, st. john’s wort*, rosemary extract*. Essential oils of blue chamomile*, palmarosa*, helichrysum*, and carrot seed*

Note: due to an early mistake on our part, the draft for the ingredient label for the Heal Scar Balm omitted the cupuaçu butter. We are waiting for the correct labels to arrive soon. 


*signifies organic 

**signifies wildcrafted

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