My relationship with plants blossomed in early childhood in Brazil.  I was raised on a farm out in the wild land, hours away from the closest town.  Our food and medicine were largely home-grown, with traditions around how to use them passed from generation to generation.  I tasted the sun and rain in our meals.  I was smudged with rue to ward off nightmares.  I was most often barefoot with my soles to the earth.  I was mothered by this wildness - happy, safe, and free.
My life took me along many winding paths across the globe, and landed me in Brooklyn where I became a mom, and was given the opportunity to reconnect with my wild inner child in meeting plants again as my allies.  
For over fifteen years, I have been working with plants professionally, and continuing to deepen my work every day.  I have apprenticed with master herbalists, been trained by my most-admired elders, and exchanged ancient knowledge with healers around the world.
All of my products are created in small batches, with much love and presence in the process.  Many of my herbs are locally and mindfully harvested.  I love to work with plants that are very abundant in my area, like wild rose, violet, mugwort, comfrey, chickweed, plantain, yarrow and hawthorne. Some plants in my formulas are grown in my own garden such as lavender, skullcap and motherwort. Organic oils and other ingredients not wildcrafted are acquired from trusted sources, often small local suppliers. I love making the trip to the beekeeper to purchase bricks of pure beeswax, or visiting the farm where my calendula is grown. 
While intuition and dreams are an important part of my creations, my scientific knowledge of the chemistry of plants and their properties is essential in formulating the products.  I am passionate about this holistic approach to skincare and health, and try to convey both the magic and the science in every product description. 
It is my honor to offer you my creations.  I hope you enjoy them.