My journey with the plants started during my childhood, I was raised in Brazil, in a farm hours from the next town, so we relied heavily on home grown food and folk medicine. I was smudged with Rue to ward off my nightmares. I seldom wore shoes. I was happy, safe and free. 

Somehow in my life’s journey I traveled enough and I found myself being a mom, in Brooklyn. 

Some years ago I embarked in a highly rewarding journey of reconnection with plants as allies, studying with local herbalists and others from form faraway lands too. All my products are made in small batches, with much love and attention.

Many of my herbs are locally and mindfully harvested, I like using plants that are very abundant in our area, like Wild rose, Violet, Mugwort, Comfrey, Chickweed, Plantain, Yarrow and Hawthorne among many. I also use plants that I grow in my own garden such as Lavender, Skullcap and Motherwort. Organic oils and other ingredients that I must purchase are acquired from trusted sources, often small local suppliers. I love making the trip to the beekeeper to purchase bricks of pure beeswax. 
Backing up everything with science is one of my passions, the chemistry of plants and its properties are essential knowledge in formulating the products. 
It is my honor to offer you my creations, I hope you enjoy them.